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Monster girl assault! is a femdom tower-defense game. You are the king of the city of people, the last stronghold of humanity, your task is to protect your humans from lustful monster girls.

* This game is currently under construction.

 Namako (DiscordPatreon / Twitter)

Updated 1 day ago
Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, monster-girl, NSFW, Singleplayer, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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Monster girl assaultV0.1.zip 123 MB

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Can we have a android version please?


act 1 is available only for now?


Do you plan on making a .zip file for the game? Unfortunately, I can't run rar.



I tried the game, seems good so far, but the speed is quite slow, if there´s an option to make it faster would be great, also the audios played during any cutsene seems to cut off at some point, besides that I congratulate your efforts done partner, Im looking foward at this proyect.


Hope the game will have unique animation for each human per monster, have some kind of "lawn mower" and will be speeding up a little bit in future.

cant finish 1-7 it just crashes

Сan you attach a screenshot of the crash?

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it happenes right after i kill everyone but before the win sounds and dances.

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Thanks for the reply.

In the next version I will fix this crash.

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Cool game, one tweak I'd reccomend is making hero hitboxes bigger on the back side.

In PVZ, you could stall with plants by replanting instantly after one is destroyed either to get a few extra hits in with a peashooter(if the zombie was in front of the plant enough) but mostly to just buy time with HP like via a wallnut.

In this game, you can't do that as easily bc the H-scene blocks immediate replanting, but it is also frustrating to put a shield guy right on top of an enemy and watch as the enemy keeps walking right through it.

Can we get video gameplay footage?

Hello, will there be plans on an Android ver?

With the current budget, this is not possible.

ah, I understand, thanks for replying.

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For a proof of concept this is a good first showing.

However  i also feel like the game is trying too hard to be a copy of PvZ. I hope to see some unique aspects in both gameplay and mechanics eventualy.

Right now the sex guy (the purple piranha plant) seems weirdly out of place compared to the more proper look of the other fighters. But maybe thats a direction more towers could take.

For example the Shield bearer (the potato wall equiv)

could instead be a dude with a fullbody chastity belt

and the girls are riping parts of it of instead of hitting him with their club.

I would like to be able to collect coins on mouseover without having to click.

Hotkeys for the towers would be nice as would the ability to skip cutscenes.

Especialy the end-of-chapter scene is far to long for something i cant seem to skip and the new tower introduction is

too longwinded for someone whos played PvZ before.

I also cant help but feel the playing field feels alot smaller than in the original. Im not even sure why.

The bowling minigame is awful. It was shit in the original and its shit here. I would very much like to be able to skip it and maybe consider if its worth keeping at all.

It's incredibly slow. I'd really appreciate a way to speed up the gameplay.

Android would be appericiated

Please add platform tags (Windows, Linux, etc.)

You can't download in the itch.io desktop app otherwise.

Please and thanks <3

Fixed :3


a x2 speed would be nice, or just faster movements in general. Everything just feels so slow. Other than that i found myself actually playing a game and not just tryna get scenes

only first act is available right?


Waiting mobile version


I would be very grateful if it was for mobile platform! 


windows version when? 

the current one already is windows? i literally just played it

You can't download the game through the Itch app. Download the rar from a browser to play

I actually love this game. Can't wait for future updates, I need them.

Can you do a windows version?

Wow, actually kinda impressed. Game plays well, pretty good scenes although hoping more of them aren't shared between units as much in the future.


I'm gonna make a pvz playlist and just have that going while I play this


Damn this is a really good PVZ clone, it is fairly balanced and the animations are pretty smooth! :

it was a pretty enjoyable experience overall. Would it be possible to add eyes on male characters? They look a bit odd without eyes.


Dang, this is pretty well made. I mean, gameplay wise standard, but the animations look really nice. It is a bit slow to start with, because the goblins move so slow though.

It also feels a bit... empty without some kind of story or dialogue, personally. The game over scenes are nice, but just seems a bit odd how a single goblin turned into three, hmm...

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anybody else got the virus warning when trying to extract edit- i fixed it 

Which file is the antivirus warning for?


Make a Android 



just click and drag for Android easy 


What an interesting plants vs. zombies. I'll donate a decent chunk of change if it stays good.


Oh author, I hope you don't drop this project like the devil lord did. I hope so. Otherwise, I will ignore all your future projects.



Dudes got a point nothing worse than a bohemia dev, for those who know that ref you'll understand the pain for those who don't just google Dayz and have a look at all the fake and hollow promises


At the moment, the game can not boast of a lot of content. But I am sure that the author will not request the project. I have been waiting for a game similar to the plant versus zombie, also in the style of hentai. So what kind of monsters will you add to the author in the future?

Absolute amazing game, if you tend to update, i think this game gonna be more and more better


Where can I find the save file?

Got through the whole thing and find it really nice for now :D

Only the speed would be nice to adjust, so that you can run in double speed.

Hopefully there will also be added abilities, such as automatic coin collecting :D

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Save is located in C:\Users \"your user"\AppData\Local\Monster_girl_assault

Thanks for your feedback :D